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Category Archives: Web Design

What Can You Learn From a Free Website Analysis?

When it comes to web design and Internet marketing, clients never run out of ways to surprise you. There's always a new project, or a new challenge, that we never could have imagined sitting right around the corner. One of the things that has always surprised us, however, is how few companies take advantage of Continue Reading

Finding the Right Web Designer in a Tough Economy

  There is a certain irony to finding a good business web designer or web design team in a tough economy. On the one hand, you have a lot more choices than ever; you can bet that an uncertain economy will have lots of people looking for extra income anywhere they can find it. On Continue Reading

How to Boost Search Engine Ranking and E-commerce Sales at the Same Time

By adding your own unique, custom product descriptions – rather than those provided by the manufacturer – you can actually draw in more visitors than ever before and do wonders for your conversion ratios. Here are a handful of tips for profiting from your own custom product descriptions on an e-commerce site: