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At Alto Web Marketing we recognize that our friends, customers and business partners are often untapped sources of leads. So, rather than spending our marketing budget on external avenues, we're paying those who are close to us to help us generate more business!

We would like to introduce the Alto Web Client Referral Program for our customers and business partners.
When you refer a lead that turns into a sale, you will be awarded a $100 gift card plus a commission the amount of 5% of the value of the sale.  So, for a $2,500 lead you would receive a total of $225 ($100 + $2,500 * 5%).
The referral process to submit a lead is as follows:
1.  You submit the information using the online "Client Referral Form".
2.  We will immediately verify the lead and  generate a notification informing whether we are already working with the prospect, and/or if someone else has already referred the prospect to us.
3.  The lead will be logged into our prospect database and ensure your name is attached to the lead.
4.  You will be asked to actively participate and help establish initial contact (via email, sales call, in-person introduction, etc)
5.  If the lead results in a closed sale for us, you'll receive a check for 5% of the sale value plus a $100 gift card.