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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing, also known as SMS Marketing is a relatively new form of marketing tactic that uses SMS (short message service) text messaging to reach directly to consumers. An SMS Marketing campaign involves collecting mobile phone numbers usually by customer opt-ins using a keyword sent to a short code, which adds their number to a messaging platform database. Once numbers are collected, the marketer can then prepare a special promotion or update and send a mass message to potential repeat customers.

Mobile Marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing types of marketing because it offers low cost, high return on investment, and places promotions and updates in the pockets of potential customers. It is similar to email in cost, but offers much higher response rates as most mobile phone users open and view text messages. Any business can benefit from mobile marketing— from retailers offering a discount coupon to national brands engaging millions of customers. Mobile users like text messaging and 95% of all texts get opened within five minutes, which is faster than email and social media updates. The key is to execute correctly with express consent and an incentive to join.

Why Mobile Marketing Is Powerful

  • More people use cell phones and smartphones than PC's.  
  • Over 90% of texts from mobile marketing campaigns are read by recipients, generating average response rates of 15-30% or more.
  • It is cost effective and it and you can build brand awareness without expensive traditional advertising campaigns.
  • You can reach customers on the go — almost anyone, almost any time, almost anywhere.

Our Mobile Marketing services include:

  1. A selection of 8.5 million opt-in cell phone consumers at your disposal
  2. Selection of customer demographics (location, age, education, income, etc) for your ads
  3. Research and selection of your mobile keyword – a one-word phrase that identifies a product, service, action, or business.
  4. Design of mobile marketing campaigns including mobile coupons, short codes, QR codes
  5. Collection and reporting of real-time information and alerts 
  6. Creation of engaging programs such as mobile voting/polls, text-to-join, SMS reminders

About Alto Web Marketing

Alto Web Marketing is the industry leader in delivering customers to small and mid-sized businesses. Our local marketing services help you stand out from the competition. We promote your business to millions of targeted consumers, and we provide you with detailed reports of your marketing campaigns to help maximize return on your budget.